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Works by Composer


Abel - Drexel Manuscript (c.1760)
Adam de la Halle - Le Jeu de Robin et de Marion
Adams - Dharma at Big Sur
   Dr. Atomic
   Naive & Sentimental Music
   Nixon in China (1987)
   Shaker Loops (1978)
Adès - Powder Her Face
Albéniz - Asturias (Leyenda)
   Suite española (op.47)
Albinoni - 12 Concerti a Cinque (op.9)
Alfven - Symphony #4
Alkan - Etudes in the Minor Keys
   Grande Sonate "Les quatre âges" (op.33)
Allegri - Miserere (c.1630)
Andriessen - Die Staat
   Writing to Vermeer
Anonymous (14th c.) - Tournai Mass
Anonymous (fl. 16th c.) - Coventry Carol
Antheil - Ballet Mécanique
   Jazz Symphony for Piano and Orchestra (1927)
Arensky - Piano Trio #1 (op.32)
Arnold - English Dances (Sets 1 & 2)
Atterberg - Symphony #6 (1928) "Dollar Symphony"

Bacarisse - Concertino for Guitar & Orchestra in a (op.72)
Bach - 3 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord (bwv.1027-1029)
   A Musical Offering
   Brandenburg Concerto #1 (bwv.1046)
   Brandenburg Concerto #4
   Brandenburg Concerto #5 in D
   Cantata "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit" (bwv.106)
   Cantata "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben" (bwv.147)
   Cantata "Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen" (bwv.51)
   Cantata #82, "Ich habe genug" (bwv.82)
   Cantata 140 "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme" (bwv.140)
   Cello Suite #5 in c (bwv.1011)
   Cello Suite #6 in D (bwv.1012)
   Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue in d (bwv.903)
   Clavier-Ubung III
   Concerto for 2 Harpsichords in c (bwv.1060)
   Concerto for 2 violins, strings & continuo in d (bwv.1043)
   English Suites (bwv.806-811)
   Fantasia & Fugue in g (bwv.542)
   French Suites
   Goldberg Variations (bwv.988)
   Great Eighteen Chorale Preludes (bwv.651-668)
   Harpsichord Concerto #5 in f (bwv.1056)
   Inventions and Sinfonias (bwv.772-801)
   Italian Concerto (bwv.971)
   "Jesu, meine Freude (bwv.227)"
   Keyboard Concerto #1 in d (bwv.1052)
   Keyboard Partita #2 in c (bwv.826)
   Magnificat in D (bwv.243)
   Mass in b (bwv.232)
   Orchestral Suite #3
   Orgelbüchlein (bwv.599-644)
   Partita for Solo Violin #3 in E
   Passacaglia and Fugue in c (bwv.582)
   St. John Passion (bwv.245)
   St. Matthew Passion (bwv.244)
   The Art of Fugue
   The Well-Tempered Clavier (bwv.846-93)
   Toccata and Fugue in d (bwv.565)
   Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C (bwv.564)
   Toccatas (bwv.910-916)
   Trio Sonatas for Organ (bwv.525-530)
   Violin Concerto #2 in E (bwv.1042)
   Violin Concerto in a (bwv.1041)
   Violin Partita #2 (Chaconne in d) (bwv.1004)
Bach JC - Keyboard Concerto in D (op.13/2)
Bantock - "Thalaba, the Destroyer"
Barber - 2nd Essay for Orchestra (op.17)
   Capricorn Concerto (op.21)
   Cello Concerto (op.22)
   Knoxville: Summer of 1915 (op.24;1947)
   Medea's Meditation and Dance of Vengeance (op.23a)
   Overture to School for Scandal
   Piano Concerto (op.38)
   Piano Sonata in eb (op.26)
   Prayers of Kierkegaard (1942-1954)
   String Quartet (incl. Adagio for Strings)
   Symphony #1 (op.9)
   Toccata Festiva (op.36)
   Violin Concerto (op.14)
Bartók - 44 Duos for Two Violins (sz.98;1931)
   Bluebeard's Castle (sz.48)
   Concerto for Orchestra (sz.116;1943)
   Miraculous Mandarin (sz.73;1926)
   Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta (sz.106;1936)
   Out of Doors (sz.81;1926)
   Piano Concerto #1 (sz.83;1926)
   Piano Concerto #2 (sz.95;1930-1)
   Piano Concerto #3 (sz.119;1945)
   Piano Sonata (sz.80)
   Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion (sz.110;1937)
   String Quartet #3 (sz.85;1926)
   String Quartet #4 (sz.91;1927)
   String Quartet #5 (sz.102;1934)
   String Quartet #6 (sz.114)
   Violin Concerto #1 (sz.36;1907-8)
   Violin Concerto #2 (sz.1121937-8)
Bax - Symphony #1 in Eb
   Symphony #6
Beethoven - Cello Sonata #3 in A (op.69)
   Diabelli Variations (op.120)
   Missa Solemnis in D (op.123)
   Piano Concerto #1 in C (op.15)
   Piano Concerto #2 in Bb
   Piano Concerto #3 in c (op.37)
   Piano Concerto #4 in G (op.58)
   Piano Concerto #5 in Eb, "Emperor" (op.73)
   Piano Sonata #13 in Eb (op.27/1)
   Piano Sonata #14, "Moonlight" in c# (op.27/2)
   Piano Sonata #15 in D, 'Pastoral'
   Piano Sonata #17 in d, "Tempest" (op.31/2)
   Piano Sonata #18 in Eb (op.31/3)
   Piano Sonata #21 in C (op.56), "Waldstein"
   Piano Sonata #23 in f, "Appassionata" (op.57)
   Piano Sonata #26 in Eb "Les Adieux" (op.81a)
   Piano Sonata #28 in A (op.101)
   Piano Sonata #29 in Bb (op.106), "Hammerklavier"
   Piano Sonata #30 in E (op.109)
   Piano Sonata #31 in Ab (op.110)
   Piano Sonata #32 in c (op.111)
   Piano Sonata #4 in Eb (op.7)
   Piano Sonata in c (op.13) "Pathetique"
   Piano Trio #5 in D (op.70/1), "Ghost"
   Piano Trio #7 in Bb (op.97), "Archduke"
   String Quartet #1 in F (op.18/1)
   String Quartet #10 in Eb (op.74), "Harp"
   String Quartet #11 in f "Serioso" (op.95)
   String Quartet #12 in Eb (op.127)
   String Quartet #13 in Bb (op.130) with Grosse Fuge (op.133)
   String Quartet #14 (op.131)
   String Quartet #15 in a (op.132)
   String Quartet #16 in F (op.135)
   String Quartet #7 in F (op.59/1), "Razumovsky #1"
   String Quartet #8 in e "Razumovsky #2" (op.59/2)
   String Quartet #9 in C (op.59/3), "Rasumovsky #3"
   String Quintet in C (op.29)
   Symphony #1 in C (op.23)
   Symphony #2 in D (op.36)
   Symphony #3 in Eb (op.55), "Eroica"
   Symphony #4 in Bb (op.60)
   Symphony #5 in c (op.67)
   Symphony #6 in F (op.68), "Pastoral"
   Symphony #7 in A (op.92)
   Symphony #8 in F (op.93)
   Symphony #9 in d (op.125)
   Violin Concerto in D (op. 61)
   Violin Sonata #5 in F (op.24), "Spring"
   Violin Sonata in A (op.47) "Kreutzer"
Bellini - I Capuletti e i Montecchi
Berg - Piano Sonata
   Three Orchestral Pieces (1913-5|29)
   Violin Concerto (1935)
   Wozzeck (1914-22)
Berio - Chemins I for harp & orchestra (1965) after Sequenza II
   Rendering after fragments of Schubert's 10th
Berlioz - Harold in Italy (h.68;1834)
   Les nuits d'été (op.7)
   Les Troyens
   Requiem (op.5), "Grande Messe des Morts"
   Symphonie Fantastique
Bernstein - Chichester Psalms
   Mass (1971)
   Serenade after Plato's Symposium
   Symphony #2 "Age of Anxiety" (1948-9)
Berwald - Symphony #3 in C, "Singulière"
Biber - Missa Salisburgensis
   Rosary Sonatas (1676)
Bizet - Carmen (1873-4)
Bliss - Cello Concerto (1970)
   Quintet for Oboe and Strings
Bloch - Piano Quintet #1 (1923)
Boccherini - Guitar Quintet "Retreat from Madrid"
   Guitar Quintet #4 "Fandango"
Boccherini/Grutzmacher - Cello Concerto in B flat
Bolcom - Piano Concerto
   Songs of Innocence & Experience
Borodin - String Quartet #2 (1881)
   Symphony #2 in b
Boulez - Le marteau sans maître (1955)
   Piano Sonata #2
   Pli Selon Pli
Brahms - 4 Serious Songs
   7 Fantasias (op.116)
   A German Requiem (op.45)
   Academic Festival Overture (op.80)
   Alto Rhapsody
   Cello Sonata #1 in e (op.38)
   Cello Sonata #2 in F (op.99)
   Clarinet Quintet in b (op.115)
   Clarinet Sonata in f (op.120/1)
   Double Concerto
   Horn Trio in Eb (op.40)
   Hungarian Dances
   Piano Concerto #1 in d (op.15)
   Piano Concerto #2 in Bb (op.83)
   Piano Quartet #1 in g (op.25)
   Piano Quartet #2
   Piano Quartet #3
   Piano Quintet in f (op.34)
   Piano Trio #1 in B (op.8)
   Piano Trio #2 in C
   Six Piano Pieces (op.118)
   String Quartet #2 in a (op. 51/2)
   String Quintet #2 in G (op.111)
   String Sextet #2 in G (op.36)
   Symphony #1 in c (op.68)
   Symphony #2
   Symphony #3 in F (op.90)
   Symphony #4 in e (op.98)
   Two Rhapsodies (op.79)
   Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel (op.24)
   Variations on a Theme by Haydn (op.56a)
   Violin Concerto in D (op.77)
   Violin Sonata #1 in G (op.78)
Brian - Symphony #1 "Gothic"
Bridge - The Sea
Britten - A Ceremony of Carols
   Cello Suite #2 (op.80)
   Death in Venice
   Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes (op.33a)
   Les Illuminations
   Peter Grimes
   Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings
   Symphony for Cello and Orchestra (op.68)
   The Turn of the Screw
   Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell (op.34)
   Variations on a theme of Frank Bridge (op.10)
   War Requiem (op.66)
Browne - Stabat Mater (from the Eton Choirbook)
Bruch - Scottish Fantasy
   Symphony #3 in E (op.51)
   Violin Concerto #1 in g (op.26)
Bruckner - Abendzauber
   Motets (1846)
   Symphony #3 in d
   Symphony #4
   Symphony #5 in Bb (1875-6)
   Symphony #6
   Symphony #7
   Symphony #8 in c (1884-92)
   Symphony #9 in d (1887 1896)
   Te Deum
Brumel - Missa "Et ecce terrae motus"
Busoni - Fantasia after JS Bach
   Sechs Tonstücke
Butterworth - 6 Songs from 'A Shropshire Lad' (1911)
Buxtehude - Cantata "Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr" (buxWV.41)
   Keyboard Ciacona in e (buxWV.160)
   Membra Jesu Nostri
   Violin Sonata in g (op.2/3; buxwv.261)
Byrd - Infelix Ego
   Mass for 5 Voices
   Mass for Four Voices

Cage - Music of Changes
   Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano
Caldara - Maddalena ai Piedi di Cristo (c.1700)
Canteloube - Chants d'Auvergne
Carter - Cello Sonata
   Night Fantasies (1978-80)
   Piano Concerto
   Quintet for Piano & Strings (1997)
   Symphonia - Sum Fluxae Pretium Spei
   Variations for Orchestra (1955)
Casella - Suite in C major (op.13)
Castelnuovo-Tedesco - Antony and Cleopatra Overture (1947)
   Guitar Concerto #1 in D (op.99)
Castillon - Piano Concerto in D (op.12)
Chabrier - Pieces Pittoresques
Charpentier - Leçons de Ténèbres (c.1680)
   Te Deum
Chausson - Concert for Violin, Piano, and String Quartet
   Poeme (op.25)
Chavez - Sinfonia India (1935-6)
Cherubini - Requiem in c
Chin - Cello Concerto
Chopin - 24 Preludes (op.28)
   Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise Brillante in Eb (op.22)
   Barcarolle in F# (op.60)
   Fantasie in f (op.49)
   La Ci Darem Variations (op.2)
   Nocturnes (1827-46)
   Piano Concerto #1 in e (op.11)
   Piano Concerto #2
   Piano Sonata #2
   Piano Sonata #3
Clemens non Papa - Missa Pro Defunctis ()
Coates - Symphony #1
Coleridge-Taylor - Clarinet Quintet in f# (op.10)
Comtessa Beatriz de Dia - A chantar m'er de so qu'eu no volria
Copland - Appalachian Spring
   Billy the Kid
   Clarinet Concerto
   Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1926)
   El Salón México (1932-7)
   Symphony #3
   Three Latin-American Sketches (1959)
Corelli - 12 Concerti Grossi (op.6)
   12 Violin Sonatas (op.5)
Corigliano - Symphony #1
Couperin - Les Concerts Royaux
   Les Nations
Crawford Seeger - String Quartet (1931)
Crumb - Ancient Voices of Children: A Cycle of Songs on Texts by Federico García Lorca
   Black Angels

Dallapiccola - Il Prigionero
   Quaderno musicale di Annalibera (1952)
Daugherty - Fire and Blood
   Le Tombeau de Liberace (1996)
Davies - Orkney Wedding, With Sunrise (1985)
De Lalande - Te Deum
Debussy - Arabesques
   Cello Sonata
   Chansons de Bilitis
   Children's Corner
   Danses sacree et profane
   En Blanc et Noir
   Études pour piano (1915)
   Images - Sets 1 & 2
   Images pour orchestre (1905-12)
   La mer, trois esquisses symphoniques pour orchestre (1903-5)
   L'Isle Joyeuse
   Pelléas et Mélisande
   Pour le Piano
   Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (1891-4)
   Préludes (1909-13)
   Premier Rhapsodie for Orchestra & Principal Clarinet
   Rapsodie for alto saxophone
   Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp
   String Quartet in g (op.10)
   Suite Bergamasque
   Trois Nocturnes (l.91;1899)
Delibes - Lakme
Delius - Brigg Fair
   On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring
Dittersdorf - Six Symphonies after Ovid's Metamorphoses, #1 in C ("Die 4 Weltalter")
Dohnányi - Piano Quintet #1 in c (op.1)
   Serenade for String Trio in C (op.10)
   Sextet in C (op.37)
   String Quartet #2 in Db (op.15)
Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor
Dowland - Lachrimae
Dufay - Missa "L'homme arme"
   Missa "Se le face ay pale"
   Nuper rosarum flores (1436)
Dukas - L'Apprenti Sorcier
   Piano Sonata
Duruflé - Prelude and Fugue on the Name A.L.A.I.N. (op.7)
   Requiem (op.9)
Dusapin - Seven Solos for Orchestra
Dutilleux - Piano Sonata
   Second Symphony
   Tout un monde lointain... (1967-70)
   Violin Concerto, "L'arbre des songes"
DvoYák - Cello Concerto in b (op.104)
   Piano Quartet #2 in Eb (op.87)
   Piano Quintet #2 in A (op.81)
   Piano Trio #4 in e, "Dumky" (op.90)
   Romantic Pieces (op.75)
   Rusalka (op.114)
   Serenade for Strings in E (op.22)
   Serenade for Winds in d (op.44)
   Slavonic Dances (op.46)
   Stabat Mater (op.58)
   String Quartet #10 in Eb (op.51)
   String Quartet #12 in F, "American" (op.96)
   String Quartet #13 in G (op.106)
   String Quintet in Eb (op.97)
   Symphony #6 in D (op.60;b.112)
   Symphony #7 in d (op.70)
   Symphony #8 in G (op.88)
   Symphony #9 in e (op.95;b.178), "From the New World"

Elgar - Cello Concerto in e (op.85)
   Dream Children (op.43)
   Pomp and Circumstance Marches
   Sea Pictures (op.37)
   Sospiri (op.70)
   Symphony #1 in Ab (op.55)
   Symphony #2 in Eb (op.63)
   The Dream of Gerontius (op.38)
   Variations on an Original Theme (op.36), "Enigma"
   Violin Concerto
Enescu - Impressions d'Enfance
   Romanian Rhapsody #1
   Romanian Rhapsody #2
   Violin Sonata #3 in a, "Dans le caractère populaire roumain" (op.25)

Falla - El Amor Brujo (1915-6)
   El Sombrero de Tres Picos (1919)
   Harpsichord Concerto (1926)
   Nights in the gardens of Spain
Fauré - Elegie for Cello & orchestra (op.24)
   Fantasie for piano & orchestra (op.111)
   Pavane (op.50)
   Piano Quartet #1 in c (op.15)
   Piano Quartet #2 in g (op.45)
   Piano Quintet #1
   Piano Quintet #2
   Piano Trio in d (op.120)
   Requiem in d (op.48)
Feldman - Patterns in a Chromatic Field (1981)
   Piano and String Quartet (1985)
   Rothko Chapel
Field - Piano Concerto #1
Fine - Notturno for Strings and Harp
Finzi - Clarinet Concerto (1949)
   Éclogue (op.10)
Foulds - Three Mantras from "Avatara" (op.61b)
Franck - Piano Quintet in f (1880)
   Prélude, Chorale et Fugue
   Symphony in d
   Variations Symphoniques (1885)
   Violin Sonata in A (1886)

Gershwin - American in Paris
   Piano Concerto in F
   Porgy and Bess
   Rhapsody in Blue (1924)
Gesualdo - Sesto Libro di Madrigali
   Tenebrae Responsories
Gilbert & Sullivan - The Mikado
Ginastera - Piano Concerto #1
Glass - Days and Nights in Rocinha (1997)
   Einstein on the Beach
   Heroes Symphony
   Music in Twelve Parts
   Music with Changing Parts
   Violin Concerto #1
Glazunov - The Seasons (op.67)
Glinka - Grand Sextet in Eb (1832)
   Kamarinskaya (1848)
Gluck - Orfeo ed Euridice (1762|74)
Godowsky - Passacaglia on Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony (1928)
Golijov - La Pasión según San Marcos ()
   The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind (1994)
Gombert - Magnificats
Górecki - Kleines Requiem Für Eine Polka
   String Quartet #2
   Symphony #3 (1976; op.36)
Gottschalk - Grande Fantaisie Triomphale sur l'Hymne National Brésilien (op.69)
Gounod - Faust
   Romeo et Juliette (1867)
Grainger - Lincolnshire Posy
Granados - Danzas Espanolas (op.37)
   Goyescas (op.11)
Grechaninov - Symphony #5
Grieg - Cello Sonata in a (op.36)
   Lyric Pieces
   Peer Gynt
   Piano Concerto in a (op.16)
   String Quartet in g (op.27)
   Suite "From Holberg's Time" (op.40)
   Two Elegiac Melodies (op.34)
   Violin Sonata #3 in c (op.45)
Griffes - Piano Sonata
Grofé - Grand Canyon Suite
Gubaidulina - Offertorium

Handel - Concerti Grossi (op.6)
   Coronation Anthems
   Giulio Cesare in Egitto
   Music for the Royal Fireworks
   Organ Concertos (op.4; hwv.289-294)
   Organ Concertos (op.7)
   Water Music
Hanson - Symphony #2 (op.30), "Romantic"
Harris - Symphony #3 (1939)
Harrison - Concerto for Organ and Percussion
   Piano Concerto (1983 85)
Hartmann - Concerto funèbre
Hartmann J. P. E. - Vølvens spådom
Harty - An Irish Symphony
Hausegger - Natursymphonie
Haydn - Cello Concerto #2 in D (VIIb/2)
   Cello Concerto in C major
   Mass in Angustiis, "Lord Nelson Mass" (hob.XXII.11)
   Piano Concerto in D (hob.XVIII:11)
   Piano Sonata #60 in C (hob.XVI:50)
   Piano Sonata in b (hob.XVI:32)
   Piano Sonata in e (hob.XVI:34)
   Piano Sonata in Eb (hob.XVI.52)
   Piano Trio #43 in C
   Sonata 'Un piccolo divertimento' Variations in f (Hob XVII:6)
   String Quartet (op.33/3), "Bird"
   String Quartet (op.74/3), "Rider"
   String Quartet in C (op.20/2)
   String Quartet in C (op.76.3), "Emperor"
   String Quartet in D (op.20/4)
   String Quartet in D (op.64/5) "The Lark"
   String Quartet in d (op.76/2), "Quinten|Fifths"
   String Quartet in f (op.20/5)
   String Quartet in G (op. 76/1)
   String Quartet in G (op.77/1) "Lobkowitz #1"
   String Quartet Op 76 #5 in D
   Symphony #100 in G, "Military"
   Symphony #101 in D ("Clock")
   Symphony #102 in Bb
   Symphony #103 in Eb, "Drum Roll"
   Symphony #104 in D (hob.I/104), "London"
   Symphony #45 in f#, "Farewell"
   Symphony #49 "La Passione" in f
   Symphony #82 in C (Hob.1/82)
   Symphony #88
   Symphony #92 in G, "Oxford"
   Symphony #94, "Surprise"
   Symphony #96 in D
   The Creation
   The Seasons
   The Seven Last Words of Christ (Hob.XX:2)
   Trumpet Concerto
Henze - El Cimarron
   Piano Concerto #2
Higdon - Concerto 4-3 (2007)
   Violin Concerto
Hildegard of Bingen - Ordu Virtutum (c.1151)
Hildegard von Bingen - Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum
Hindemith - Clarinet Sonata
   Concert Music for Strings and Brass (op.50)
   Horn Concerto
   Kammermusik #1 (op.24/1)
   Ludus Tonalis (1942)
   Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber
   Symphonie, "Die Harmonie der Welt"
   Symphony: Mathis der Maler (1934)
   When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd
Holst - Choral Symphony (op.41)
   Hammersmith - Prelude and Scherzo (op.52)
   Suite #2 in F major for military band (op.28/2)
   The Planets
Honegger - Pacific 231
   Symphony #2
   Symphony #3 (1945-6), "Symphonie Liturgique"
   Une Cantate de Noël
Hovhaness - Fantasy on Japanese Woodprints
   Symphony #2, "Mysterious Mountain"
   Symphony #50, "Mt. St. Helens" (op.360)
   The Prayer of Saint Gregory
Hummel - Cello Sonata in A (op.104)
   Mandolin Concerto
   Piano Concerto #2 in a (op.85)
   Piano Concerto #3 in b (op.89)
   Piano Quintet in Eb (op.87)
   Piano Sonata #5 in f# (op.81)
   Trumpet Concerto

Ibert - Escales (1922)
Ippolitov-Ivanov - Caucasian Sketches, Suite #1 (op.10)
Ives - A Symphony: New England Holidays
   Central Park in the Dark
   Piano Sonata #2, "Concord" (1911-15|19|47)
   Symphony #2
   Symphony #3 Camp Meeting
   Symphony #4
   The Unanswered Question
   Three Places in New England

Janácek - Concertino for piano & chamber orchestra (1925)
   Káta Kabanová (1922)
   The Mikropoulos Affair (1926)
Janá ek - Glagolská Mae
   On an Overgrown Path (1900-12)
   Piano Sonata 1.X.1905
   Sinfonietta (1926)
   String Quartet #1 (1923) "Kreutzer Sonata"
   String Quartet #2, "Intimate Letters"
   Tagebuch eines Verschollenen
   Taras Bulba
   The Cunning Little Vixen (1922-3)
   Violin Sonata
Jolivet - Trumpet Concerto #2
Josquin des Prez - Missa "L'homme armé"
   Missa pange lingua

Kancheli - Liturgy for Viola and Orchestra, "Mourned by the Wind"
   Symphony #5
Ketelbey - In a Persian Market
Khachaturian - Gayaneh
   Masquerade Suite (1944)
   Piano Concerto in Db (op.38)
   Violin Concerto in d (1940)
Knussen - Symphony #3 (1973/79)
Kodály - Hary Janos Suite
   Peacock Variations
   Pslamus Hungaricus (op.13)
   Sonata for Unaccompanied Cello
Korngold - Die Kathrin
   Die tote Stadt
   Violin Concerto in D (op.35)
Kreisler - Liebesleid
Kurtág - Játékok
   Kafka Fragments
   Messages of the Late Miss R.V. Troussova

Lachenmann - Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern (1990-96, rev.2000)
Lalo - Symphonie Espagnole
Langgaard - Music of the Spheres
   Symphony #1
   Symphony #6 (1919-20, later rev.) "Det Himmelrivende"
Lassus - Lagrime di San Pietro
   Lamentations of Jeremiah
Lauridsen - O Magnum Mysterium
Lehar - Die lustige Witwe
Leoncavallo - Pagliacci
Lieberson - Neruda Songs for mezzo & orchestra (2005)
Ligeti - Atmosphères
   Chamber Concerto
   Études pour piano (1985-2001)
   Horn Trio (1982)
   Le Grand Macabre
   Lux Aeterna
   Musica Ricercata (1951-1953)
   Romanian Concerto
   String Quartet #2
Lindberg - Clarinet Concerto
Linley (The Younger) - A Lyric Ode on the Fairies, Aerial Beings & Witches of Shakespeare
Liszt - A Faust Symphony
   Annees de Pelerinage, Premiere Annee: Suisse
   Années de pèlerinage: Deuxième année: Italie (s.161)
   Grandes Etudes de Paganini
   Hungarian Rhapsodies
   La Lugubre Gondola (s.200)
   Nuages Gris
   Piano Concerto #1 in Eb (s.124)
   Piano Concerto #2 in A (sz.125)
   Piano Sonata in b (1852-3)
   Transcendental Etudes
   Via Crucis
Locatelli - L'Arte del Violino
Lutoslawski - Cello Concerto
   Concerto for Orchestra
   Les Espaces du Sommeil
   Livre pour Orchestre (1968)
   Musique Funèbre (In Memoriam Bela Bartok)
   Piano Concerto
   String Quartet
   Symphony #3 (1973-83)
   Symphony #4

MacCunn - Land of the Mountain and the Flood
Machaut - Messe de Notre Dame
MacMillan - Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
Mahler - Das Lied von der Erde (1908-9)
   Kindertotenlieder (1904)
   Lieder aus "Des Knaben Wunderhorn" (1892-1901)
   Songs of a Wayfarer
   Symphony #1, "Titan"
   Symphony #2 (1888-94), "Resurrection"
   Symphony #3
   Symphony #4 (1899-1900)
   Symphony #5 (1901-2)
   Symphony #6
   Symphony #7
   Symphony #8 in Eb (1906), "Symphony of a Thousand"
   Symphony #9 (1908-9)
Marais - Suite d'un goût étranger
Marquez - Danzon #2
Martin - Ballade pour violoncelle et petit orchestre (1949)
   Concerto for Seven Wind Instruments, Timpani, Percussion & String Orchestra (1949)
   Fantasy on Flamenco Rhythms (1973)
   Mass for Double Choir (1922-6)
Martinu - Cello Sonata #1
   Double Concerto for 2 String Orchestras, Piano and Timpani (h.271)
   Epic of Gilgamesh
   Field Mass
   Opening of the Wells (h.354; 1955)
   Piano Quintet #2
   Symphony #2
   The Frescoes of Piero della Francesca
Marx - Piano concerto in E, "Romantic"
Mascagni - Cavalleria Rusticana (1890)
Massenet - Chérubin
Medtner - 38 Szazki (op.var) "Fairy Tales"
Mendelssohn - A midsummer night's dream (incidental music)
   Elijah (op.70)
   Hebrides Overture - Fingal's Cave (op.26)
   Octet in E-flat (op.20)
   Piano Concerto #1 in g (op.25)
   Piano Trio #1 in d (op.49)
   Songs Without Words
   String Quartet #2 in a (op.13)
   String Quartet #6 in f (op.80)
   Symphony #3 in a (op.56), "Scottish"
   Symphony #4 in A, "Italian" (op.90)
   Symphony #5 in D (op.107), "Reformation"
   Variations Sérieuses (op.54)
   Violin Concerto in e (op.64)
Mennin - Symphony #7 (1963)
Menotti - The Saint of Bleecker Street (1955)
Mercury / Zilber - Bohemian Rhapsody
Messiaen - Apparition de l'église éternelle
   Catalog of Birds
   Des Canyons aux Etoiles
   Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà... (1987-91)
   Ex Exspecto Resurrectionem Mortuorum
   La Nativité du Seigneur
   Livre du Saint Sacrement
   Oiseaux Exotiques
   Quatre Études Rythmiques
   Quatuor pour le fin du temps (1941)
   Reveil des Oiseaux (1953)
   Saint François d'Assise
   Sept Haïkaï (1962)
   Turangalîla-Symphonie (1946-8)
   Vingt regards sur l'enfant-Jésus (1944)
   Visions de l'Amen
Milhaud - La Création du monde (op.8;1922-3)
   Le boeuf sur le toit (op.58)
   Saudades do Brazil
Miyoshi - Chaines (1974)
Moeran - Cello Concerto
   Symphony in g
   Violin Concerto
Mompou - Musica Callada
Moncayo - Huapango (1941)
Mondonville - Six Sonatas (op.3)
Monteverdi - Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda
   Madrigals, Book 5
Moravec - Tempest Fantasy
Mozart - "Great" Mass in c (k.427)
   Clarinet Concerto
   Clarinet Quintet in A (k.581)
   Concerto for Flute & Harp in C (k.299/297c)
   Cosi Fan Tutte
   Die Zauberflöte
   Don Giovanni (k.527)
   Horn Concerto #4 in Eb (k.495)
   Piano Concerto #16 in D (k.451)
   Piano Concerto #17 in G (k.453)
   Piano Concerto #19 in F (k.459)
   Piano Concerto #20 in d (k.466)
   Piano Concerto #21 in C "Elvira Madigan" (k.467)
   Piano Concerto #23 in A (k.488)
   Piano Concerto #24 in c (k.491)
   Piano Concerto #25 in C (k.503)
   Piano Concerto #9
   Piano Quartet #1 in g (k.478)
   Piano Sonata #11 in A, "Turkish" (k.331)
   Piano Sonata #15 in F (k.533/494)
   Piano Sonata #16 in C (k.545)
   Quintet in E flat for Piano & Winds (k.452)
   Requiem Mass in d (k.626)
   Serenade #10 (k.361), "Gran Partita"
   Serenade in D, "Posthorn" (k.320)
   Serenade in G (k.525), "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
   Sinfonia Concertante in Eb (k.364)
   Sonata for Two Pianos in D (k.448)
   String Quartet #14 in G (k.387), "Spring"
   String Quartet #17 in B (k.458), "Hunt"
   String Quartet #19 in A, "Dissonance" (k.465)
   String Quartet in d (K.421)
   String Quintet #3 in C (k.515)
   String Quintet #4 in g (k.516)
   String Quintet #6 in Eb (K.614)
   Symphony #25 in g (k.183)
   Symphony #29 in A (k.201)
   Symphony #31 in D (k.297) "Paris"
   Symphony #35 in D (k.385), "Haffner"
   Symphony #36 in C (k.425), "Linz"
   Symphony #38, "Prague"
   Symphony #39 (k.543)
   Symphony #40 in g (k.550)
   Symphony #41 in C (k.551), "Jupiter"
   The Marriage of Figaro (k.492)
   Violin Concerto #3 in G (k.216)
   Violin Concerto #5 in A, "Turkish" (k.219)
   Violin Sonata #21 (k.304)
   Violin Sonata #32 in Bb (k.454)
Mussorgsky - Boris Godunov
   Night on Bald Mountain
   Pictures at an Exhibition (1874)
Mussorgsky/Ravel - Pictures at an Exhibition
Myaskovsky - Cello Concerto in c (op.66)

Nancarrow - Studies for Player Piano #1-30
Nielsen - Aladdin Suite (op.34;1918-9)
   Clarinet Concerto
   Symphony #4 "The Inextinguishable" (op.29)
   Symphony #5 (op.50)
Nono - Como una Ola de Fuerza y Luz (1971)
   Intolleranza 1960 (1961)
Nørgård - Concerto in due tempi
   Symphony #3 (1972-5)

Ockeghem - Missa Mi-Mi
   Missa Prolationum
Offenbach - Les contes d'Hoffmann
Orff - Carmina Burana
Ostertag - All the Rage

Paderewski - Piano Concerto
Paganini - 24 Caprices
   Violin Concerto #1 in D (op.6)
Palestrina - Missa Papae Marcelli (1562)
Panufnik - Symphony #3 (1963) "Sacra"
Pärt - Fratres
   Spiegel im Spiegel
   Stabat Mater (1985)
   Symphony #4 ("Los Angeles")
   Tabula Rasa (1977)
Partch - Delusion of the Fury
Pavlova - Symphony #6
Penderecki - St. Luke's Passion
   Symphony #1
   Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (1960)
Pergolesi - Stabat mater
Pérotin - Viderunt Omnes
Peterson-Berger - Frösöblomster
Piazzolla - 5 Tango Sensations
   Las estaciones porteñas
Pierné - Piano Concerto in c
Piston - Incredible Flutist (Suite)
   Symphony #6
Poulenc - Clarinet Sonata
   Concerto for Organ, Timpani & Strings in g (1934-8)
   Concerto for Two Pianos
   Dialogues of the Carmelites
   Gloria (1961)
   Oboe Sonata
   Sonata for Flute & Piano (1957)
Prokofiev - Alexander Nevsky (op.78)
   Lieutenant Kijé Suite
   Love for Three Oranges (Suite)
   Overture on Hebrew Themes (op.34) for clarinet and piano quintet
   Peter & the Wolf (op.67)
   Piano Concerto #1 (op.10)
   Piano Concerto #2
   Piano Concerto #3 in C (op.26)
   Piano Sonata #2 in d (op.14)
   Piano Sonata #3
   Piano Sonata #6 in A (op.82)
   Piano Sonata #7 in Bb (op.83)
   Piano Sonata #8 in Bb (op.84)
   Romeo & Juliet (op.64)
   Scythian Suite
   Sinfonia Concertante (op.125)
   String Quartet #1 in b (op.50)
   String Quartet #2
   Symphony #1 (op.25), "Classical"
   Symphony #5
   Symphony #6 in eb (op.111)
   Violin Concerto #1 in D (op.19)
   Violin Concerto #2 in g (op.63)
   Visions Fugitives (op.22)
   Zdravitsa! (op.85)
Puccini - Chrysanthemums
   La Boheme
   Madame Butterfly
Purcell - Come ye sons of Art, away (z.323;1694)
   Dido & Aeneas
   King Arthur
   Rejoice in the Lord alway (The Bell Anthem)
   The Yorkshire Feast Song

Rachmaninov - Cello Sonata
   Chopin Variations (op.22)
   Etudes-tableaux (op.33)
   Isle of the Dead (op.29)
   Piano Concerto #2 in c (op.18)
   Piano Concerto #3 in d (op.30)
   Piano Concerto #4 in g (op.40)
   Piano Sonata #2
   Preludes (op.23 & 32; in all 24 keys)
   Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (op.43)
   Symphonic Dances (op.45)
   Symphony #1 in d (op.13)
   Symphony #2
   Symphony #3 in a (op.44)
   The Bells (op.35)
   The Rock (op.7)
   Trio Elegiaque #2
   Variations on a theme by Corelli (op.42)
   Vocalise (op.34/14)
Rameau - Dardanus
   Les Indes Galantes
Ramirez - Misa Criolla
Rangström - Symphony #3
Rautavaara - Cantus Arcticus
   Symphony #7 ("Angel of Light")
   Violin Concerto (1977)
Ravel - Bolero
   Daphnis et Chloé (1912)
   Gaspard de la nuit
   Introduction et allegro pour harpe, flûte, clarinette et quatuor (1905)
   La Valse
   Le Tombeau de Couperin (Orchestral)
   L'enfant et les Sortileges
   Ma Mere l'Oye
   Menuet Antique
   Pavane pour une infante défunte
   Piano Concerto for the Left Hand in D (1929-30)
   Piano Concerto in G (1929-31)
   Piano Trio
   Sheherazade (1903)
   String Quartet in F (1903)
   Tzigane for Violin & Orchestra (1924)
   Valses nobles et sentimentales
   Violin Sonata #2 in G (1923-27)
   Violin Sonata posthume (#1)
Rebel - Les élémens (1737)
Reich - Different Trains
   Double Sextet (2008)
   Music for 18 Musicians (1974-6)
   Six Marimbas
Reimann - Lear (1978)
Respighi - Ancient Airs and Dances
   Feste Romane
   Fountains of Rome
   Gli Uccelli (The Birds)
   The Pines of Rome (1924)
   Trittico Botticelliano
Revueltas - La noche de los Mayas
Ries - Symphony #4 in F (op.110)
Rihm - Jagden und Formen
Riley - In C
Rimsky-Korsakov - Capriccio espagnole (op.34)
   Piano Concerto in c# (op.30)
   Quintet for Piano & Winds in Bb
   Russian Easter Festival Overture (op.36)
   Scheherazade (op.35)
   The Tale of Tsar Saltan (op.57)
Rochberg - Concord Quartets
Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez
   Fantasia para un gentilhombre
Roman - Drottningholm Music
Ropartz - Symphony #3 in E
Rore - Missa Doulce Memoire
Rosetti (Rössler) - Concerto for 2 Horns in F (c.61)
Rossini - Guillaume Tell
   La Gazza Ladra
   Stabat Mater (1831-41)
   The Barber of Seville
Rouse - Concert de Gaudi for Guitar and Orchestra
Roussel - Symphony #3 in g (op.42)
Rubinstein - Piano Concerto #4
Ruggles - Sun-Treader (1926 31)
Rzewski - The People United Will Never Be Defeated! (1975)

Saariaho - Graal Théâtre
Saint-Saëns - Africa (op.89)
   Carnival of the Animals
   Cello Concerto #1 in a (op.33)
   Danse macabre
   Piano Concerto #2
   Piano Concerto #4 in c (op.44)
   Piano Concerto #5 in F (op.103) "Egyptian"
   Piano Trio #1 in F (op.18)
   Piano Trio #2 in e (op.92)
   Rhapsodie d'Auvergne (op.73)
   Samson et Dalila (op.47)
   Symphony #3 in c (op.78), "Organ"
   Violin Concerto #1 in A (op.20)
   Violin Concerto #3
   Violin Sonata #1 in d (op.75)
Satie - Gnossiennes
   Le Fils des etoiles
Scarlatti - Essercizi per Gravicembalo (k.1-30)
Scarlatti D - Iste confessor
Schnittke - Concerto for Piano and Strings
   Concerto Grosso #1
   Concerto Grosso #4/Symphony #5
   Piano Quintet (1972-6)
   String Quartet #2
   Viola Concerto
Schoenberg - 5 Pieces for Orchestra
   Erwartung (1909)
   Moses und Aaron
   Piano Concerto
   Pierrot Lunaire (op.21;1912)
   String Quartet #2 in f# (op.10)
   Violin Concerto (op.36)
Schönberg - Verklärte Nacht / Transfigured Night (op.4)
Schubert - Arpeggione Sonata (d.821)
   Die schone Mullerin (d.795)
   Fantasia in f for piano four-hands (d.940)
   Fantasy in C, "Wanderer" (op.15, d.760)
   Mass #6 in Eb
   Moments Musicaux (d.780)
   Notturno for Piano Trio in Eb
   Octet in F (d.803)
   Piano Quintet in A (d.667), "Trout"
   Piano Sonata #17 in D (d.850)
   Piano Sonata #19 in c (d.958)
   Piano Sonata #20 in A (d.959)
   Piano Sonata #21 in Bb (d.960)
   Piano Sonata in a (d.784)
   Piano Sonata in a (D.845)
   Piano Sonata in G (d.894)
   Piano Trio #1 in B flat (op.99, d.898)
   Piano Trio #2 in Eb (op.100)
   Quartettsatz in C minor
   Schwanengesang (d.957)
   String Quartet #13 in a (d.804)
   String Quartet #14 in d (d.810), "Death & the Maiden"
   String Quartet #15 in G (d.887)
   String Quintet in C (d.956)
   Symphony #5
   Symphony #8 in b (d.759), "Unfinished"
   Symphony #9 in C (d.944), "Great"
   Winterreise (op.89;d.911)
Schulhoff - Concerto for Piano and Small Orchestra (1923)
   String Quartet #1 (1924)
Schuller - Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee
Schuman W - Symphony #3
   Violin Concerto (1947|56|59)
Schumann - Andante & Variationen for 2 pianos, 2 cellos & horn (op.46)
   Arabeske in C (op.18)
   Carnaval (op.9)
   Cello Concerto in a (op.129)
   Concertstuck in F for Four Horns (op.86)
   Dichterliebe (op.48)
   Fantasie in C (op.17)
   Faschingsschwank aus Wien (op.26)
   Frauenliebe und -leben (op.42)
   Introduction & Allegro Appassionato in G (op.92)
   Kinderszenen (op.15)
   Piano Concerto in a (op.54)
   Piano Quartet in Eb (op.47)
   Piano Quintet in Eb (op.44)
   Piano Sonata #1
   Symphonic Études (op.13)
   Symphony #1 in Bb (op.38), "Spring"
   Symphony #2
   Symphony #3 "Rhenish"
   Symphony #4
   Violin Concerto in d (woo.23)
   Waldszenen (op.82)
Schutz - Musicalische Exequien
   The Christmas Story
Schwantner - Percussion Concerto
Scriabin - Le Poème de l'Extase (op.54)
   Piano Concerto in f# (op.20)
   Piano Sonata #2 in g# (op.19), "Sonata-Fantasy"
   Piano Sonata #5
   Piano Sonata #7 (op.64)
   Piano Sonata #9 (op.68) "Black Mass"
   Prometheus, Poem of Fire
Sculthorpe - Cello Dreaming (1998)
   Earth Cry (1986)
   String Quartet #8
Sessions - Second Sonata for Piano (1946)
Shapey - String Quartet #6
Shchedrin - Carmen Suite
Shostakovich - Cello Concerto #1 in Eb (op.107)
   Cello Concerto #2 in G (op.126)
   Cello Sonata in d (op.40)
   Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk (op.29)
   Piano Concerto #1 in c (op.35)
   Piano Concerto #2 in F (op.102)
   Piano Quintet in g (op.57)
   Piano Trio #2 in e (op.67)
   Sonata for Viola & Piano (op.147)
   Sonata for Violin & Piano (op.134)
   String Quartet #2 in A (op.68)
   String Quartet #3 in F (op.73)
   String Quartet #7 in f# (op.108)
   String Quartet #8 in c (op.110)
   String Quartet #10 in Ab (op.118)
   String Quartet #11 in f (op.122)
   String Quartet #15 in eb (op.144)
   Suite on Verses of Michelangelo Buonarroti (op.145a;1974)
   Symphony #1 in f (op.10)
   Symphony #4 in c (op.43)
   Symphony #5 in d (op.47)
   Symphony #6 in b (op.54)
   Symphony #7 in C (op.60)
   Symphony #8 in c (op.65)
   Symphony #9 in Eb (op.70)
   Symphony #10 in e (op.93)
   Symphony #11 (op.103), "The Year 1905"
   Symphony #13 in bb (op.113), "Babi Yar"
   Symphony #14 (op.135)
   Symphony #15 in A (op.141)
   Twenty Four Preludes and Fugues (op.87)
   Violin Concerto in a (op.99)
Shulamit Ran - Violin Concerto (2003)
Sibelius - 3 Sonatinas (op.67)
   En Saga (op.9)
   Karelia Suite (op.11)
   Pohjola's Daughter
   Rakastava (op.14)
   String Quartet in d (op.56) "Voces Intimae"
   Symphony #1 in e (op.39)
   Symphony #2
   Symphony #3
   Symphony #4 in a (op.63)
   Symphony #5 in Eb (op.82)
   Symphony #6 in d (op.104)
   Symphony #7 in C (op.105)
   The Tempest (op.109)
   Violin Concerto in d (op.47)
Silvestrov - Symphony #5
Smetana - Má Vlast (1874-9)
   String Quartet #1, "From My Life"
   The Bartered Bride
Sorabji - Opus Clavicembalisticum (1930)
Sousa - The Washington Post
Spohr - Clarinet Concerto #4 in e
Stanford - Irish Rhapsody #5
   Symphony #3 in f, "Irish"
Steffani - Stabat Mater
Stockhausen - Gesang der Jünglinge
Strauss - Also sprach Zarathustra
   Der Rosenkavalier (op.59;1909-10)
   Don Juan (op.20)
   Don Quixote (op.35)
   Ein Heldenleben
   Eine Alpensinfonie (op.64)
   Four Last Songs (1948)
   Horn Concerto #1 in Eb (op.11)
   Metamophosen (1945)
   Sinfonia Domestica (op.53)
   Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks
   Tod und Verklärung
Strauss J - Kaizer-Waltzer (op.437)
Strauss J I - Radetzky March
Strauss J II - An der schonen, blauen Donau (op.314)
   Die Fledermaus
   Tales from the Vienna Woods
Stravinsky - Agon (1957)
   Ebony Concerto (1945)
   Jeu de Cartes
   Les Noces
   L'histoire du soldat
   Octet (1923)
   Oedipus Rex
   Petrushka (1910-11)
   Pulcinella (1919-20)
   Requiem Canticles
   Symphony for Wind Instruments
   Symphony in C
   Symphony in Three Movements
   Symphony of Psalms (1930)
   The Fairy's Kiss
   The Firebird (1908)
   The Rake's Progress
   The Rite of Spring (1913)
   Three Movements from Petrushka
   Violin Concerto
Stucky - Symphony (2012)
Suk - Asrael Symphony
   Fantastic Scherzo
Suppe - "Light Cavalry" Overture
Svendsen - Romance in G for Violin & Orchestra (op.26)
Sweelinck - Variations on Secular Songs
Szymanowski - Fantasy in C (op.17)
   Stabat Mater (1925-6)
   String Quartet No. 2 (op.56)
   Symphony #3, "Song of the Night"
   Symphony #4 (op.60) "Symphonie Concertante"
   Violin Concerto #1 (op.35)

Takemitsu - From Me Flows What You Call Time
Tallis - Lamentations of Jeremiah (between 1560-9)
   Spem in Alium (c.1570)
Taneyev - Cantata "John of Damascus" (op.1)
   Piano Quintet in g (op.30)
Tarrega - Recuerdos de la Alhambra (1896)
Tartini - Violin Sonata in G minor, "Devil's Trill"
Tavener - Song for Athene
   The Protecting Veil
Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
   Capriccio Italien in A (op.45;1880)
   Eugene Onegin
   Manfred Symphony
   Marche Slave in Bb (op.31;1876) "Slavonic March"
   Piano Concerto #1 in bb (op.23)
   Piano Concerto #2 in G (op.44)
   Piano Trio
   Queen of Spades
   Rococo Variations for Cello and Orchestra (op.33)
   Romeo & Juliet
   Serenade for Strings in C (op.48)
   Sleeping Beauty
   Souvenir de Florence (op.70)
   String Quartet #1 in D (op.11)
   Swan Lake
   Symphony #1 in g (op.13), "Winter Daydreams"
   Symphony #2 in c, "Little Russian" (op.17)
   Symphony #3 in D (op.29) "Polish"
   Symphony #4 in f (op.36)
   Symphony #5 in e (op.64)
   Symphony #6 in b, "Pathétique" (op.74)
   The Maid of Orleans
   The Nutcracker
   The Seasons (op.37)
   Violin Concerto in D (op.35)
Telemann - Tafelmusik
Thompson - Symphony #2 in a (1931)
Thomson - Five Songs From William Blake (1953)
   String Quartet #2
Tippett - Midsummer Marriage - Ritual Dances
   Piano Sonata #3 (1973)
   Symphony #4
   Triple Concerto
Tormis - Laulusild - Bridge of Song
Tower - Petroushskates
Tubin - Symphony #4 in A "Sinfonia Lirica"
Turina - Sonata for Guitar (op.61; 1931)

Ustvolskaya - Composition #2, "Dies Irae"

Varèse - Amériques
   Density 21.5
Vasks - Violin Concerto #1 Distant Light
Vaughan Williams - Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra in C
   Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
   Fantasia on Christmas Carols (1912)
   Fantasia on Greensleeves
   Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus
   Hodie - A Christmas Cantata
   Norfolk Rhapsody #1 in e (1906, rev. 1914)
   Serenade to Music (1938)
   Songs of Travel
   Suite for Viola & Orchestra (1934)
   Symphony #1 "A Sea Symphony"
   Symphony #2, "A London Symphony"
   Symphony #3 (1922; A Pastorale Symphony)
   Symphony #4
   Symphony #5 in D
   Symphony #6
   Symphony #7, 'Sinfonia Antartica'
   Symphony #8
   Symphony #9 in e
   The Lark Ascending
Vaughan-Williams - Job: A Masque for Dancing (1931)
Verdi - Aida
   Il Trovatore (1852)
   La forza del destino
   La Traviata
   Otello (1884-7)
Victoria - Missa O Quam Gloriosum (1583)
   Missa pro defunctis
Vierne - Organ Symphony #1
Villa-Lobos - Bachianas Brasileiras #5
   Choros #8 for orchestra with 2 pianos (1925)
   Chôros 10 for chorus & orchestra (1925)
   Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra
   Symphony #6, "On the Outline of the Mountains of Brazil"
Vine - Piano Sonata #1
Vivaldi - Flute Concertos (op.10)
   Four Seasons (op.8/1-4)
   Gloria (rv.589)
   Juditha Triumphans
   L'estro Armonico
Vorisek - Symphony in D

Wagner - Das Rheingold
   Der fliegende Holländer
   Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg
   Die Walküre
   Siegfried Idyll (1870)
   Tristan und Isolde (1857-9)
Walton - Belshazzar's Feast
   Cello Concerto (1956)
   Symphony #1 in bb (1934-5)
   The Wise Virgins
   Violin Concerto (1936-8,'43)
Wassenaer - Sei Concerti Armonici
Weber - Clarinet Concerto #1 in f (op.73)
   Clarinet Quintet (op.34)
   Der Freischütz
Webern - Passacaglia (op.1)
   Symphony (op.21)
   Variations (op.30)
Weill - Concerto for Violin & Wind Orchestra (op.12)
   Die Dreigroschenoper (1928) "The Threepenny Opera"
   Die Sieben Todsünden
Widor - Organ Symphony #5
Wieniawski - Violin Concerto #2 in d (op.22)

Xenakis - Mists

Ysaÿe - 6 Sonatas for solo violin (op.27)

Zelenka - Missa dei Filii
   Missa votiva
   Trio Sonata #2 in g (zwv.181)
Zemlinsky - Die Seejungfrau (1902-03)
   Lyric Symphony


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